Shasta Route 1938 Timetable

Published just a year-and-a-half after yesterday’s general timetable, this one shows some significant changes in the Shasta Route service. First, for 1938 SP increased the service between Portland and San Francisco over the Cascade line from three to four trains a day, with a train called the Oregonian joining the Cascade, Klamath, and West Coast. The latter train took SP’s East Side Sacramento Valley line through Marysville and Sacramento, while the other three took the West Side line to Davis, skipping Sacramento.

Click image to download a 19.5-MB PDF of this 24-page timetable.

The Siskiyou line, however, had been downgraded, with no through trains between Portland and San Francisco. Instead, the Shasta only went overnight between Grants Pass and San Francisco, with a Pacific Greyhound connecting bus from Grants Pass to Eugene. An overnight train, now named the Rogue River, continued to go between Portland and Ashland, resulting in there still being two trains a day for Rogue Valley residents between Grants Pass and Ashland.

Only about seven pages of this timetable are devoted to the Shasta Route. The rest of the timetable consists of condensed schedules for all of SP’s other routes.

Among other things, the timetable shows that the train that had been called the Advanced Overland Limited in the 1936 timetable was in 1938 called the San Francisco Challenger. It operated a few minutes after, rather than before, the Overland Limited.

On the Golden State Route, the Californian, trains 43 and 44, had replaced the Apache, trains 11 and 12. Where the Apache had Pullmans in addition to tourist sleepers and coaches, the Californian just had tourist sleepers and coaches. The Californian also promised breakfasts for 25 cent and dinners for 35 cents, compared with 50 cents up and 90 cents up on the Golden State Limited.

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