Exposition Park Menu

This menu cover features the rose garden at Los Angeles’ Exposition Park. Other parts of the 160-acre park include the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a natural history museum, and (since this menu was printed), an African-American museum, and a science center that displays, among other things, a Douglas DC-8 and the space shuttle Endeavor.

Click image to download a 1.5-MB PDF of this menu.

The rose garden, fountain, and University of Southern California bell tower shown in this photo all still exist. However, the trees in the middle ground have grown so that today, from where this photo was taken, only the top of the bell tower remains visible.

The menu itself included four table d’hôte entrées plus the chef’s special salad and the usual variety of a la carte items. The most expensive things on the menu were the a la carte brook trout and the table d’hôte shrimp Louie, each of which were $2.25, or about $18 in today’s money.

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