1961 Rose Bowl Menu

This menu, dated December 28, 1960, was for University of Minnesota alumni going to the 1961 Rose Bowl. The Minnesota Golden Gophers, who were rated the number one team in the nation, lost to the University of Washington Huskies by a score of 7 to 17.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

As an Oregon native and alumnus of both Oregon State and University of Oregon, I can imagine I would have been pretty angry at the 1961 Rose Bowl organizers. Cal, USC, UCLA, and University of Washington were found guilty of a pay-to-play scandal in 1959, leading the Oregon teams to walk out of the Pacific Coast Conference. The guilty teams, plus Stanford, formed a new conference and talked the Rose Bowl into inviting the winner of their conference to be the West Coast representative to the bowl game. I don’t know how well the Oregon teams performed in 1960, but it seems unfair that the innocent schools, other than Stanford, ended up being excluded from bowl contention.

The unpriced menu is for dinner and offers brook trout, fried chicken, or prime rib with soup or juice, potatoes, asparagus, dinner rolls, lettuce-and-tomato salad, dessert, and beverage.

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