Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon: 1967

Although Union Pacific sold its Sun Valley resort in 1962, it retained ownership of the Utah Parks Company and its lodges and other facilities in Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, and Cedar Breaks until 1972, when it donated the buildings to the National Park Service. Thus, it remained an enthusiastic promoter of the parks as long as it continued to offer passenger service.

Click image to download a 13.2-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Rather than describe escorted tours that would begin in Chicago or Los Angeles, this booklet focuses on a variety of bus tours for people once they’ve arrived in Cedar City, Utah. Two- to five-day tours cost about $11 per day for food and lodging plus about $5 to $10 per day for the bus transport. This particular booklet must have been for travel agents as each tour notes the commission the agent would earn for selling that tour, ranging from $1.50 for a two-day tour to $5.25 for a five-day tour.

Most of the pages of this particular brochure are 8 inches wide, but the last page is 8-1/2 inches, and a banner with the words, “Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon shows up behind all the right-hand pages preceding that page.

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