Colorado for the Tourist

This 1914 booklet appears to be a direct ancestor of the escorted tours booklets that Union Pacific started publishing in the 1920s. This one does not include escorted tours but does list a few hotels and rates. More than half of the 68-page booklet, however, is devoted to photos of the region.

Click image to download a 46-MB PDF of this booklet.

The booklet also contains a helpful list of provisions that a party of eight would need to camp for six weeks, including 4 bricks of cheese, 2 gallons of maple syrup, 25 pounds of bacon, and 25 pounds of dried apricots. Also on the list are 10 pounds of butter, three small hams, and a 3 pound pail of lard.

The front cover photo and one interior photo are attributed to “Wiswall Denver.” The Wiswall brothers–Wilbur Wellington and Harry Bruce–owned a photo shop in Denver, and at some point moved their business to Grand Lake, on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Wilbur (1877-1941) was also a musician and he performed and gave music lessons while Bruce (who is sometimes called Henry Bruce and Bruce Harry but who evidently went by Bruce) ran a tavern in Grand Lake that was next door to the photo shop. Both took photos, though most known photos are attributed to Bruce.

One other interior photo is attributed to F. P. Clatworthy. Fred Payne Clatworthy (1875-1951) ran a photo studio in Estes Park and was also well known for his photos of the Rockies.

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