Union Pacific Postcards

These postcards were either sold or (more likely) given away in pairs, allowing people to separate them along the perforations before writing and mailing them to friends and relatives. The two cards that make up this pair include photos of Mt. Rainier taken by Asahel Curtis and of Multnomah Falls taken by Arthur Prentiss.

Click image to download a 0.7-MB PDF of these postcards.

We’ve already seen the Mt. Rainier photo on this 1929 menu. We’ve also seen the Multnomah Falls photo as a single postcard. Arthur Prentiss, the photographer, had joined Portland photographer Benjamin Gifford to form the firm of Gifford-Prentiss in 1917. Gifford retired in 1920, but his son Ralph continued in the business (though not the partnership with Prentiss), taking (for example), the photo of Mt. Hood on the back of the Mt. Rainier menu and (probably) this photo of the Columbia River Gorge. Though just six years younger than Benjamin Gifford, Prentiss continued in commercial photography at least until 1932 when he took this photo of the opening of a highway bridge across the Rogue River in Gold Beach, Oregon.

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