Burlington Historic Tours in 1963

For only $34 (about $200 today), the Burlington offered Chicagoans a two-day tour to Nauvoo, Illinois (an early Mormon settlement) and Hannibal, Missouri (boyhood home of Mark Twain). The weekend tours went via the Nebraska Zephyr to Burlington, bus to Nauvoo and Hannibal, a Mississippi river boat trip at Hannibal, then the Kansas City Zephyr back to Chicago.

Click image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of this 16-page brochure.

The back of this poster-sized (8-3/4″x18″) brochure offered one-day tours from Chicago to Dubuque, with a two-hour river boat trip, and a walking tour through Galena, where Ulysses Grant once lived. This tour, which included lunch, dinner, and travel about the Twin Zephyrs, cost just $15 (about $90 today). Both of these tours were offered every weekend from May 18 through October 27.

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