Grand Canyon Timetable Card

This card presents the 1966 timetable for the Grand Canyon, with westbound on the front and eastbound on the back. The card is in the same format as the timetables in the timetables of principal trains, though with differences in detail.

Click image to download a 0.9-MB PDF of this two-sided timetable card.

Perhaps most important, trains 15 and 16, which went from Williams Junction to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, is not on the 1966 timetable, perhaps because it was issued before the tourist season opened. Santa Fe continued to run this train during the summers through 1968. Cards like this one were probably made available to passengers on board the trains so they could keep track of where they were and whether the train was on time.


Grand Canyon Timetable Card — 1 Comment

  1. The Grand Canyon maintained Dining Car service between Chicago and Winslow, Arizona, but made a Meal Stop at the Casa Del Desierto Harvey House in Barstow (for dinner eastbound, and breakfast westbound). Even into the 1960s, it still carried occasional hevayweight equipment in its consist.

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