7-Day Tour of Southern California

For a mere $200 (nearly $1,400 in today’s money), a Chicago traveler could take a trip on the El Capitan and spend four days, three nights, in the Los Angeles area, including visits to Hollywood, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disneyland. The price included transportation, entrance fees, hotels, and meals en route but not while in California.

Click image to download a 1.8-MB PDF of this three-panel, OCRed brochure. Click here to download a non-OCR version.

Personally, I would be disappointed in a tour that allowed me only 5-1/2 hours in Disneyland and 2-1/2 hours in Knott’s Berry Farm. But at least the tourists got to see the Chemosphere House, the “space-age home of the future” (not!). There’s no date on this brochure, but it has to be after 1964, as it includes a photo of Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, which opened in that year.


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