Call of the Mountains–1928

This booklet is undated and I can’t find anything that conclusively pins it to 1928. It does contain several references to 1927, including a description of Charles Lindberg’s flight over Glacier in that year, so the booklet was clearly published after 1927. It could be from as late as the early 1930s.

Click image to download a 28.8-MB PDF of this booklet. Click here to download a 175-MB non-OCR version.

This edition has slightly smaller dimensions, but 12 more pages, than the 1927 version. In addition to the color covers and color centerfold map, this one has six color paintings, and (unlike the 1927 edition) does the artists the courtesy of crediting them: two paintings each by Kathryn M. Leighton and Adolph Heinze, a portrait of Two Guns White Calf by Winold Reiss, and a rather dark wildflower painting by Walter Loos.

Two Guns White Calf by Adolph Heinze.

Two Guns White Calf by Winold Reiss.

In addition to landscapes, both Leighton and Heinze painted Blackfeet Indians, including Heinze’s painting above of Two Guns White Calf. As it turned out, Reiss’ Indian paintings proved to be far more popular; I have to wonder what kind of paintings Reiss would have done if he had turned to landscapes.

Twisted Stalk by Walter Loos. Click image for a larger view.

Loos’ painting of a shrub known as twisted stalk or watermelon berry in its natural setting has its attractions. But it is something of a surprise that GN used it here since so many of his other paintings featured bright bouquets of flowers that might have been better advertisements for the park.

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