Glacier Park Wildflowers

My final Charlie Russell menu, at least for now, isn’t actually in my collection; I found this 1956 Buffalo Hunt lunch menu at, a web site that allows people to share their rail and other collectibles. This menu, and many of the other items on that site, are scanned at about two-thirds of the resolution that I use, but that’s still pretty readable.

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

In any case, the 1956 Buffalo Hunt menu offers a “Chef’s Suggestion” of a triple decker clubhouse sandwich with soup, potato chips, cole slaw, dessert, and beverage for $1.85 (about $15 in today’s money). There is also a salad bowl luncheon for $1.70; and a table d’├┤te luncheon with a choice of fish; omelette; or meat loaf complete with soup, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, bread, dessert, and beverage for $2.15.

Click image to see a larger version.

The Buffalo Hunt menus have a painting inside that is simply identified as “Glacier National Park Wildflowers.” That’s confusing, as the Intercepted Wagon Train menu has a very different painting also called Glacier National Park Wildflowers, shown above. I only have one Intercepted Wagon Train menu, so clicking on the above image simply goes to a larger image.

Click image for a larger view.

Here’s a photo of the GN diners used on the 1947 Empire Builder and 1951 Western Star. Note the wildflower painting between the windows on the far right. This painting isn’t on any of the Russell menus, so the dining car must have had more that five different paintings. Since there were ten spaces between windows in the car, there must have been ten different paintings.

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