Here You Are Westbound

Passengers traveling westbound on the streamlined Empire Builder in 1949 woke up their first morning to this little brochure–which possibly was given only to sleeping car passengers. Page 1 explains what passengers can expect to see that morning, while page 2 focuses on the afternoon when the train passes by glorious Glacier National Park, whose mountains, glaciers, and lakes are “exquisite beauties of nature from which the cars on the Empire Builder take their names.”

Click image to download a 2.1-MB PDF of this four-page brochure.

Page 4 describes the next night and morning, when the train is scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 8 am. At least two cars of the train, of course, will be diverted at Spokane to Portland.

The westbound Empire Builder makes its way along the southern boundary of Glacier National Park. The tracks in this particular location have since been eliminated by a line-straightening project. Click image for a larger view.

For more information, the brochure invites passengers to ask the dining car steward for a copy of Through Your Car Window, which has nine pages of trip highlights for the Empire Builder plus additional pages for other Great Northern routes and trains. The brochure also features this delightful image of the E7-powered Empire Builder passing through a fanciful river canyon, perhaps the Flathead River in Montana.

Click image to download an 18.5-MB PDF of this 24-page brochure.

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