Through Your Car Window

This is a colorful, 24-page brochure the Great Northern made available to passengers and potential passengers of its streamlined Empire Builder. This particular one is dated May 1949, but I suspect there were earlier editions.

Click to download an 18.5-MB PDF of this 24-page brochure.

The outside and inside covers are printed in four colors while the remaining pages use two: black and orange. The back cover has a beautiful painting of the streamlined Empire Builder along an imaginary creek or river, perhaps–judging from the ponderosa pines in the background–the Flathead River in Montana or Tumwater Canyon in Washington. The inside covers have color graphics showing train interiors: coaches; duplex-roomettes; the coffee-shop car in Hudson Bay blanket colors; double bedrooms; the dining car; and the observation lounge, decorated with Hudson Bay blanket-colored draperies.

Nine of the remaining pages present enough highlights and photos of the trip, from west to east, to keep people entertained. There are also individual pages for trains from Portland to Seattle; Seattle to Vancouver; Twin Cities to Duluth; Twin Cities to Winnipeg; Twin Cities to Grand Forks (for the Oriental Limited, which used a slightly different route from the Empire Builder); and–strangely, because Great Northern passenger trains did not go there–Portland to Los Angeles.

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