Advertising the Empire Builder

The Great Northern promoted the streamlined Empire Builder by placing ads in Look, Life, Saturday Evening Post, and other magazines. These ads contained many of the graphics found in the Through Your Car Window brochure. None of these ads are in my personal collection, but you can click on any of the images for a larger version.

“Custom-built for pleasant, faster travel,” says this ad, adding that the Empire Builders are “modern trains designed for the modern traveler.”

“A very nice way to travel,” is the uninspired message in this ad which features the dining car and a graphic of the Empire Builder along the Puget Sound that isn’t in the Through Your Car Window brochure. The ad also notes that the new train “slashes one whole night from the schedule” of the previous Empire Builder.

“Post-War Vacation” emphasizes this ad, which (foreshadowing Amtrak) calls the train a “green and orange superliner.”

The Burlington, which owned one of the five trains, had its own advertising, presumably in a Chicago newspaper, illustrated by a fantasy locomotive that combines the GN and CB&Q paint jobs. A Burlington logo on the nose and imitation grills from the Zephyrs are combined with the stripe patterns of the Great Northern green-and-orange locos. In reality, no Burlington engine would be found in the mountainous region pictured in the illustration.

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