City Trains Go Daily

The Union Pacific managed to scrounge up enough streamlined cars to put the City of Portland on a daily basis on February 15, 1947. The City of Los Angeles went daily on May 14, and, as previously noted, the City of San Francisco went daily on September 1, 1947.

The City of Portland led by an E6 locomotive; looks like Utah or Idaho between Ogden and Pocotello.

Going daily allowed the Union Pacific to send out a new flurry of advertising. This newspaper ad from 1950 subtly points out that passengers can take the City of Portland from Chicago and take a connecting train to Seattle in about the same time as it would take to go direct from Chicago to Seattle on one of the Northwest trains.

Here is an ad from the Saturday Evening Post.

This ad from Time magazine is based on a letter from an executive of the Weber Showcase and Fixture Company. This was a real company now known as Weber Logistics. The company once made display cases such as this one.


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  1. The UP train is in Idaho and is westbound along the Portneuf River area to the west of Inkom, heading toward Pocatello. The range of mountains in the background includes Mt. Bonneville. Above the first calf engine (of two) where the snow is above a light brown field is a ski area that was called Skyline (now Pebble Creek). U.S. Hwy. 30 is to the left of the train. This photo appears to be taken in the spring because of the absence of fall foliage. Interstate I-15 was put in through the area to the left in the early 60’s, proably after this photo was taken.

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