Aboard the Hiawathas

Here are a few items passengers might encounter on board one of the Olympian Hiawathas. First is a sticker that someone might apply to their luggage, more as a souvenir than as an identifier.

Here’s a postcard of the Olympian Hiawatha in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Click the image to download a PDF showing the front and back of this postcard.

Here’s a menu featuring Mt. Rainier on the cover. Someone wrote “Mar 1961” on the cover, but the inside date appears to be October 1960. Either way, it is well after the train’s inaugural run, but the choice of trout, veal, chicken pot pie “Milwaukee Road,” and “Hiawatha sirloin steak” sounds good unless you are a vegetarian. Click the image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of the entire menu.

For good measure, here is a 1965 lunch menu from the Twin Cities Hiawatha. Vegetarians at least have the option of an American cheese sandwich. Click the image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of the entire menu.

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