1946 Texas Zephyr Dinner Menu

Here’s another menu dated January, 1946. By the date, the menu also has the letters “TZ,” which makes me think it was intended for use on the Texas Zephyr. If so, the menu doesn’t seem to emphasize any Texan or Southwest dishes. Although the back is the same as the previous two menus, the foods inside are as different from yesterday’s menu as yesterday’s was from the one the day before.

Click image to download a 1.1-MB PDF of this menu.

Instead of five table d’hôte meals, this one has just four: ham and eggs, snapper, pork chops, and turkey, leaving off the beef entrée that crowned the other two menus. Instead of one or no plated dinner, this one has two: pork and beans for a dollar or grilled hamburger steak for $1.10. This menu has a full a la carte side, with snapper, pork chops, turkey, just one omelet, four sandwiches, five salads, and various desserts, beverages, and other items. Though all three of these menus were issued the same month, it is possible they were different because they were each from different commissaries, such as Chicago, Denver, and St. Louis.

The full dinners on both yesterday’s and today’s menus came with “Burlington Salad Bowl” with “Dummont Dressing.” Is that another typo? I can’t find any on-line recipes for or references to Dumont or Dummont dressing.

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