Colorful Colorado 1966

This brochure describes an 8-day (really, 7-day) tour from Chicago to Colorado. Two nights are spent aboard the Denver Zephyr, two nights in Rocky Mountain National Park, and three nights in Colorado Springs. This was an “independent tour” rather than an escorted tour, but the price included all transportation, accommodations, meals, and entry fees into the various parks and museums.

Click image to download a 3.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

The “standard fare” for this tour is $178.58 (nearly $1,000 today), while the “de luxe tour” is $251.85 (close to $1,400 today). The standard tour presumably went coach, while people paying the de luxe rate got a roomette. Hotel accommodations were probably similar; standard probably shared a bath while de luxe got a private bath. These prices were for single occupancy; two people sharing a room could each save about $15 on the standard tour and $25 on the de luxe.

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