Fall Foliage Tours to Colorado

I call this a brochure, but it is probably really intended for use as a poster. It folds into eight panels like many brochures, but it is printed only on one side, like a poster.

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this brochure.

The poster advertised two 1965 tours to Colorado. One left Chicago on Friday, September 17, arriving Denver the next morning on the Denver Zephyr. From there the tour took a bus to Aspen, where they spent two nights, returning to Denver Monday and Chicago Tuesday morning. The second tour started Friday, October 1, and followed a similar itinerary except spending two nights in Colorado Springs rather than Aspen. For $70 (about $400 today), the tours included coach and bus fares, hotels, and most meals (but apparently not Friday dinner on the train, Sunday lunch, or Tuesday breakfast on the train).

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