Burlington 1962 Colorado Booklet

Published fourteen years after yesterday’s booklet, this one has a bright new cover. But inside, so little has changed that I almost didn’t bother to scan it. The first 40 pages have text that is nearly identical to the 1948 edition, and only a few black-and-white photos have been updated to account for auto and hairstyles that had already looked dated in 1948.

Click image to download a 31.9-MB PDF of this 60-page booklet.

Ten pages of the 1948 booklet of Colorado hotels, resorts, and dude ranches, and three pages described Burlington trains, specifically the Denver Zephyr and Exposition Flyer. The 1962 edition has one more page of each, resulting in two fewer pages of photos that, frankly, were not really missed. Instead of the California Zephyr (which replaced the Exposition Flyer), this 1962 booklet features the Texas Zephyr; strangely, the CZ isn’t even mentioned even though there is enough white space on the train pages for a whole paragraph on one of the most popular trains of the era.

Click image for a larger view.

Here’s a 1963 ad that includes a coupon National Geographic readers could use to get a copy of Burlington’s Colorado booklet. The ad features a drawing of a vista-dome train with three domes in the middle of the train. That’s the right number, but the Denver Zephyr carried one of its three domes at the end of the train. But it’s not likely that anyone except a few rail nuts would be so picky for accuracy.

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