Burlington 1948 Colorado Booklet

Here’s Burlington’s answer to Union Pacific’s color-photo Colorado booklet. The Burlington booklet has a brilliant color cover whose location I don’t recognize. But in contrast to the numerous color photos in the UP booklet, the Burlington version has just black-and-white inside.

Click image to download a 29.7-MB PDF of this 60-page booklet.

While the UP booklet has just 36 pages and focuses on Rocky Mountain Park and the Denver area, the Burlington booklet has a full 60 pages covering these areas as well as Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the Royal Gorge, and western Colorado including Mesa Verde, many of which were accessed by Burlington’s partner (and Union Pacific’s competitor), the Rio Grande Railroad.

Click image for a much larger (1.3-MB) jpeg view.

Here’s a 1948 ad that includes a coupon National Geographic readers could use to get a copy of Burlington’s Colorado booklet. The ad features a drawing of the shovel-nosed Denver Zephyr, whose appearance was beginning to look dated when compared with Burlington’s E5s and other EMD locomotives. The ad also mentions the Exposition Flyer, which would be replaced by the California Zephyr the following year.

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