Parade of Stars

This brochure with its colorful Yellowstone bears dates from 1953, the same as yesterday’s similarly formatted Colorado brochure. The color ends on the cover: inside are just two black-and-white photos, one of Yellowstone and one of Grand Teton Park, while the back has black-and-white photos of Denver city hall and the Mormon Temple.

Click image to download a 4.2-MB PDF of this four-page brochure.

Like yesterday’s brochure, there is no clip-out coupon to obtain a copy of the full Yellowstone booklet. But unlike yesterday’s, the brochure at least mentions the option: “For copies of booklet describing these tours in detail, ask any Union Pacific or C&NW representative or write C. H. Mertens, manager, Department of Tours.”

As previously noted, Union Pacific’s Yellowstone bear cartoons were first drawn by an artist named Walter Oehrle in 1923. The bears on the cover of this brochure are somewhat cuter than Oehrle’s bears, which generally looked a little frightening, so it is possible he had retired by 1953.

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