The 1948 Yellowstone guide has about a dozen color photos, which is an improvement over the eight found in the 1947 Colorado booklet, but well short of the nineteen in the 1948 California booklet. Photos such as the ones of the Morning Glory Pool on page 1, Yellowstone Canyon on page 5, and Jackson Lake on page 24 show why it is so disappointing that UP left color out of the 1929 and 1940 Yellowstone booklets.

Click image to download a 16.8-MB PDF of this 44-page booklet.

While the color is a great improvement over the earlier booklets, the maps on the inside back covers of the post-war booklets are rather limited. While they contain no more detail than were on the covers of the map-on-cover series, at least that series of booklets had more detailed maps on the inside. While those maps may have been too detailed, it would be nice to have something in-between in the color booklets. But perhaps UP realized that maps don’t sell tours; photos sell tours.

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