The map-on-cover version of the Yellowstone booklet retains the boring beige cover of the embossed edition. Previous visitors to the park will recognize the approximately correct placement of Old Faithful Geyser on the cover map, but the map gives the incorrect impression that there are no thermal features anywhere else in the park. In fact, there are plenty.

Click image to download a 36.8-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet.

Inside, the headlines are in a modern, sans serif, condensed font that is quite attractive if not quite as readable as a more traditional font. The text is slightly larger with more spacing between lines than in the 1929 booklet, making it more readable at the expense of greatly reducing the word count per page. This perhaps signalled the declining literacy of the railroad’s target market. As in the other map-on-cover booklets, the photos are sharper than in the 1920s booklets, partly making up for the lack of color.

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