Always on the Move

Today’s Santa Fe note pad has an image of a war bonneted passenger train and a freight locomotive. I could be wrong, but the loco on the right looks a lot like the GP-35 in the photo below. If so, that dates this note pad to the mid-1960s, as General Motors began making GP-35s in 1963.

Click image to download a PDF of one sheet of this note pad.

The GP-35 was one of many “geeps,” meaning four-axle, boxy locomotives, built by General Motors. The Santa Fe owned 161 GP-35s, which was one more than Southern Pacific and far more than any other railroad. Santa Fe owned more GP-7s–nearly 250–but GP-35s had 2500 horsepower compared with the GP-7’s 1500, so Santa Fe probably owned more horsepower in the form of GP-35s than any other geep.

A Santa Fe GP-35. Click image for a larger view.

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