Pacific Northwest–1959

After introducing dome cars in 1956, Union Pacific reissued its color brochures with new photos to update pictures of the trains as well as hair, clothing, and automobile styles. The 1959 Pacific Northwest booklet is 52 pages, making it 8 pages longer than the 1952 color booklet.

Click image to download a 18.0-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet.

The cover photo on this booklet was taken from Chanticleer Point, also known as Portland Women’s Forum State Park. This point is about a mile west of Crown Point, where the 1952 photo was taken. Mirror Lake can be seen on the far right; the Union Pacific rail line is now visible on the near right; and Rooster Rock is on the left. The smoke from the Bridal Veil mill is still visible in the distance.

Inside, the extra pages allow more thorough coverage of the region, including five pages on British Columbia and three on Alaska. Train photos feature Union Pacific’s dome-dining and dome-lounge cars. By this time, the City of Portland had been routed through Denver, adding several hours to the trip, but–the booklet says–“affording stopovers for visiting or sightseeing in Colorado, and providing transcontinental passengers with views of Denver and the Colorado Rockies,” thus turning a downgrade into an apparent feature.

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