Pacific Northwest–1952

This colorful booklet is marked “Chicago and North Western Railway System,” but is in the same series as Union Pacific booklets. In fact, I have otherwise identical booklets but from different years that are marked “Union Pacific” and “Union Pacific/Chicago and North Western.”

Click image to download a 16.9-MB PDF of this 44-page booklet.

The cover photo shows the Columbia River Gorge from Crown Point. The photographer is outside of the Vista House (shown on the title page of the 1923 booklet and also in a small drawing on page 5 of this booklet) while the people in the photo are on the road that winds down to the bottom of the gorge, where it passes a series of beautiful waterfalls. The lake below is called Mirror Lake; it is bordered by Oregon’s new water-level Highway 30 (which eventually will be rebuilt as Interstate 80-N, now I-84), and in the distance the smoke from the Bridal Vale sawmill (which has since been purchased by the Nature Conservancy). UP tracks are out of sight but pass between the cliff and Mirror Lake.

Inside are eleven color photos, three-dozen black-and-white photos, and numerous small color drawings of the region. As in 1939, the book opens with Idaho and Sun Valley, and proceeds through Oregon and Washington. Only one page is devoted to British Columbia and Alaska gets less than a page of text plus two half-page photos of the Juneau area.

This booklet has two interior photos of diner and lounge cars and an exterior color photo of the E7-hauled City of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. It mentions that “C&NW–UP operates other fine trains from Chicago to Portland,” but doesn’t list those trains. By 1952, those “trains” were limited to the Portland Rose, which merged with the Gold Coast east of Green River, Wyoming. Union Pacific also operated a train called the Idahoan from Omaha to Portland, but it didn’t have any through cars to Chicago.

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