Spokane-Montana Tour

In 1928, the Spokane Chamber of Commerce and Spokane Merchant’s Association sponsored a “good-will tour of Montana” for Spokane business men. The tour left Spokane on July 23 on the Oriental Limited, arriving the next morning in Kalispell, where the group spent the day presumably with the local chamber of commerce. They then took a short train ride to Columbia Falls and changed trains to go to Glacier Park where they spent less than two-and-one-half hours, after dark, examining the Glacier Park Hotel.

Click image to download a 17.9-MB PDF of this six-page brochure.

Close to midnight, they boarded a train to Great Falls, arriving at 7 am. After spending the morning there, they took a train to Helena, where they spent the night. One more Great Northern train in the middle of the day took them to Butte. After spending the afternoon and night in Butte, they rode the Milwaukee Road to Missoula, arriving shortly after noon. After spending the rest of the day in Missoula, they took an overnight back to Spokane, again on the Milwaukee Road.

The woman on the cover of the brochure is Marguerite Motie, who–based solely on her photograph–was designated “Miss Spokane” in 1912 when she was 17 years old. Even though she moved to Seattle in 1920, she retained that title for 27 years, during which city boosters used her image and occasionally sent her to other cities for special events. It isn’t clear from the brochure whether she participated in this tour.

Though not an Indian, Miss Spokane wore an Indian-like costume supposedly designed to present an image of “progressivism, hope, and determination.” Click image for a larger view.

Although the tour relied on both the Great Northern and Milwaukee Road, the back cover has the GN goat logo and notes, “Program by courtesy of the Great Northern Railway.”

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