Glacier-Waterton Lakes National Parks

This 32-page brochure is in pristine condition, especially considering it is around 80 years old. It is undated, but there are several clues about the date it was published.

Click image to download a 17.4-MB PDF of this 32-page brochure.

First, page 2 mentions the Empire Builder but not the Oriental Limited, which means it was published after March 31, 1931, when the latter train was cancelled. (Magazine ads as late as March, 1931 still mentioned the Oriental Limited.) Second, the mountain goat in the railroad’s logo is the old forward-facing goat; the more-recent side-facing silhouette started appearing on GN’s 1936 timetables.

This 1932 ad dates from the same post-Oriental Limited, pre-side-facing goat era as the above brochure. Click image for a larger view.

Third, the brochure has three pages on Waterton Lakes Park but never mentions that in June, 1932 it and Glacier were designated an “international peace park.” So I’m guessing the brochure was published in early 1932, but it could have been as late as 1935 if GN’s marketing department didn’t think the international peace park designation would attract tourists.

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