Historical Expedition Summary

Here is your one-stop source for all historical expedition documents and downloads. My collection is still missing a few important documents, and I’ll add them to this page as I find them.

Click image to download an 9.1-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

For example, above is the program for the Upper Missouri Expedition, which I didn’t have when I posted the articles about that expedition. Thanks to the Skykomish Historical Society for making this program available and scanning it for me. Below are links to other expedition documents.

Upper Missouri Historical Expedition

Invitation (1.0 MB)

Program (9.1 MB)

An Important Visit, excerpts from log of Zebulon Montgomery Pike (4.8 MB)

The Verendrye Overland Quest of the Pacific by Grace Flandrau (and others) (21.0 MB)

Fort Union and Its Neighbors by Frank B. Harper (11.7 MB)

Chief Joseph’s Own Story (10.5 MB)

A Glance at the Lewis & Clark Expedition by Grace Flandrau (9.5 MB)

The Discovery of Marias Pass by Grace Flandrau (7.8 MB)

Editorial Comment on the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition of 1925 (8.6 MB)

Report on the expedition by Frederic G. Young in the Oregon Historical Quarterly (222 KB)

Report on the expedition by Solon Buck in the Mississippi Valley Historical Quarterly (412 KB)

Columbia River Historical Expedition

Preview of the expedition published in the Washington Historical Quartery (646 KB)

The Columbia River Historical Expedition 1926 (invitation/advertisement, 7.5 MB)

Special All-Expense Fare for the Columbia River Historical Expedition of 1926 (1.7 MB)

Program of Events: Itinerary of Columbia River Special (11.7 MB)

Chicago: Her History and Her Adornment by Mabel McIlvaine (18.9 MB)

Red River Trails by Grace Flandrau (14.7 MB)

Frontier Days Along the Upper Missouri by Grace Flandrau (13.5 MB)

Koo-koo-sint the Star Man by Grace Flandrau (11.3 MB)

Historic Northwest Adventure Land by Grace Flandrau (10.8 MB)

Astor and the Oregon Country by Grace Flandrau (16.9 MB)

Lecture on the connections between Astoria and New York by Lawrence Abbott (259 KB)

Lecture on The Followers of Captain Robert Gray by Frederic Howay (533 KB)

Family stories about John Jacob Astor told by Margaret Aldrich, his great-great-granddaughter (169 KB)

Lecture on Lewis & Clark’s experiences on the Oregon Coast by Oregon Historical Society President Frederick Holman (689 KB)

Report on the expedition published by the Minnesota Historical Society (511 KB)

Other Grace Flandrau Papers

Red River Trails (Christmas edition) (5.7 MB)

The Lewis & Clark Expedition (50.7 MB)

Historic Adventureland of the Northwest (14.3 MB)

The Story of Marias Pass (11.1 MB)

Seven Sunsets (15.5 MB)

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