1950 Zion Breakfast Menu

Sometime during the 1930s, possibly when it introduced the streamliners, Union Pacific switched from the ornate menus shown in the last few days to the more familiar modern-looking menus that have been shown here in the past. This one shows a color photograph of the Great White Throne, the same scene in Zion National Park shown on yesterday’s menu but from a slightly different angle.

Click image to download a 1.7-MB PDF of this menu.

Unlike the streamliner menus that have been presented here, this menu does not mention the name of the train. However, numbers in the lower left corner of the interior say it was used on trains 11 & 12, the Omaha-to-Portland Idahoan. The menu includes seven different breakfast plates (which included fruit or cereal, bread, and beverage) as well as a large number of a la carte items. Bacon and eggs were $1.25 (about $12 today); adding fruit or cereal, bread, and beverage brought it up to $1.50 (about $14.50 today).

Click image to see a larger view.

Just as the 1926 advertisement shown yesterday had an illustration based on the same photo as yesterday’s menu, the above ad, from the May 20, 1946 issue of The New Yorker, uses an illustration that appears to be based on the photo in today’s menu.

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