Pikes Peak Menu

Here’s a breakfast menu from 1939 that’s a mate to the 1941 dinner menu I posted last May. Where the dinner menu featured Mesa Verde on the cover, this one has Pikes Peak.

Click image to download a 1.1-MB PDF of this menu.

Both menus feature trout and have a cute logo reading, “Mountain trout every day in the dining car.” The trout were probably farmed, but the railroad had a ritual where the train would stop and a fisherman outfitted with a rod and creel would hand the fresh trout up to the dining car.

On either the breakfast or dinner menus, the a la carte trout was 90 cents, or about $15 in today’s money. The breakfast menu also has fourteen different cereals, eleven different fruits or fruit juices, the usual variety of eggs, and griddle cakes or French toast, along with less-common items such as calf’s liver, salt mackerel, and fish cakes.

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