GN 1961 Winter Timetable

Starting in 1957, the Great Northern put this eye-catching cover on its complete timetables. Whereas the 1947 and 1951 timetable covers were printed with just two colors (green and orange), with green print on all inside pages, this timetable cover uses the four-color process to get the green, orange, and yellow train. Interior pages are printed in black while the back cover uses blue ink.

Click image to download a -MB PDF of this timetable.

The bright colors contrast with the diminished size of the timetable, down to 28 pages from 36 in 1955 and 44 in 1947. Where I count 69 separate timetables of Great Northern and SP&S trains in 1947 and 51 in 1955, there are only 17 such timetables in 1961. Gone are nearly all of the local trains that do not cross state boundaries, meaning the Great Northern could discontinue them with permission from state authorities and without consulting the Interstate Commerce Commission, whose discontinuation process was much more rigorous.

The Great Northern/SP&S timetables fill 10-1/2 pages in 1961, down from 16 in 1955. Connecting bus schedules still use one page, but for some reason connecting train schedules are up to 5 pages from 4 in 1955. Fares still fill four pages, the index of stations is down to 2 pages instead of 3, and equipment used on various trains uses just 1 page instead of 2. There are no full-page ads in the 1961 timetable; the back cover is just a continuation of a list of ticket agents that started on the inside back cover.

The Chicago-Seattle round-trip coach fare is $95 (about $700 today). Add another $80.60 (about $625) for a lower berth; $85 for a duplex roomette (about $675 today); and $93.80 for a roomette (about $750 today) for a roomette. The price of playing cards with “new Indian portraits” has not increased since 1955.

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