Glacier Park Cabin Camps

The lack of four-color photos in this brochure advertising tourist cabins initially led me to think it was from the 1930s. But in fact it is dated March 1955, when the Western Star was the Great Northern’s train to the park. Train service is mentioned only briefly in the last column on page 2 of the brochure.

Click image to download a 5.1-MB PDF of this brochure.

Although the front of the brochure still identifies Glacier Park with the Great Northern Railway, the railway’s Glacier Park subsidiary was happily accommodating people who traveled to the park by auto. The Swiftcurrent cabins described in the brochure were built in 1933, while Great Northern built Swiftcurrent coffee shop in 1941. The Rising Sun cabins were built in 1940 and were the only overnight facilities in Glacier Park open during the war.

Rail history buffs will be glad to know they can still stay at these tourist cabins that remain just as rustic as they were in 1940. Photographs on the present-day Glacier Park Company web site indicate that the cabins have hardly been modified since this brochure was printed.

Rising Sun cabins in 1954.

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Swiftcurrent cabins in 1954.

For more photos of Swiftcurrent cabins today, go to the Swiftcurrent page and click on “photo gallery.”

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