Glorious Glacier in 1964

This full-sized brochure appears to have been published in 1964 (a tiny code reads “100264” and the address includes a zip code; zip codes were introduced in July, 1963). This suggests that the Great Northern was giving up on the tiny brochures it had started issuing in 1960. The larger format provides room for sixteen photos (instead of the 11 in the tiny Glacier brochure) and three color drawings plus a much larger map. This brochure also has some slightly psychedelic colors in headlines whose letters alternated between green and purple or green and blue or even green and green.

Click image to download a 4.5-MB PDF of this brochure.

Even though the Great Northern no longer owned the Glacier Park hotels, three of the sixteen panels of this brochure are dedicated to photos and brief descriptions of the park’s four main hotels (including the Prince of Wales Hotel in Canada’s Waterton Park). Another panel features the “new swimming pool” and golf course at Glacier Park Lodge. Most panels focus on the park itself, leaving only one panel to advertise the Western Star, the Great Northern train that rail passengers would take to the park. Thus, the brochure really doubles as advertising for potential park visitors who would arrive by car or plane, though that may not have been the railway’s intention.

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