Scenic Beauty Along the SP&S

This brochure has no date but was published after 1952, as it mentions the Northern Pacific Mainstreeter, which started service late in that year. It not mention the North Coast Limited‘s dome cars, which went into service in 1954, suggesting it was published in 1953. It does mention the completion of the Dalles Dam in 1957, but doesn’t show any photos of the dam, so this might be an updated version of a 1953 brochure.

Click image to download an 11.8-MB PDF of this 16-page brochure.

By 1953, the SP&S had two streamlined trains between Portland and Spokane, but, as noted yesterday, they both went at night. So the train on the cover is the railway’s daytime local train. Since most passengers rode at night, it seems strange that the SP&S would publish an along-the-way brochure. But the brochure was probably meant to advertise the trains as it was to inform passengers on board. This was expressed with some confusion on page 3: “Day trains via S.P.&S. Railway, Pasco, and Northern Pacific Railway, with fine equipment between Portland and Spokane give passengers rare views of the scenery.”

The inside back cover has a color photo of an SP&S freight pulled by Alco FA locomotives in the Columbia Gorge. This isn’t the same photo that was on the back cover of yesterday’s timetable, but it is the same photo that is shown in sepia tones on page 8 of this brochure. All the other exterior photos of SP&S trains are freights as well.

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