1968 California Zephyr Lunch Menu

Four years after yesterday’s menu and choices have been reduced a bit further. There are only two sandwich platters with dessert and beverage, instead of five, and there are no fish entrées on the a la carte menu. However, an abbreviated table d’hôte menu has been added featuring filet of fish, turkey fricassee, or Salisbury steak with soup; bread; vegetables; dessert; and beverage.

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

Prices remain high on this October, 1968 menu. The Salisbury steak is $2.95, or about $20 in today’s money. Lamb chops and French fries are $3.85, more than $25 today. Adding soup, beverage, and dessert to those lamb chops could bring the total to $5.15, nearly $35 today).

Myron Hayden has posted a very similar menu dated four months later on WaterLevel.com. Prices are the same, but there are some slight differences in the sandwich, dessert, and children’s portions of the menus.

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