1964 California Zephyr Lunch Menu

Yesterday’s California Zephyr lunch menu was a folder, but by the early 1960s lunch menus were merely a single card. The table d’hôte side had been replaced by “combinations” that consisted of a beverage, dessert, and one of five sandwiches, all for $2.20 (about $17 today). There was also a “sandwich plate” consisting of soup or fruit cup; hot roast beef sandwich; whipped potatoes; dessert; and beverage for $2.50 (about $19 today).

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

The more substantial fare was in the a la carte portion of the menu, and included lamb chop; pork chops; ham and eggs; cold salmon; and fillet of unspecified fish, all of which come with some sort of potato. Adding soup, dessert, and beverage to the meal would bring the total price as high as $4 (about $30 today). In short, not only is the menu more limited, after adjusting for inflation the prices are a lot higher than in 1951.

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