1967 Rio Grande Dinner Menu

Today’s menu features a winter scene of the Colorado Rockies–possibly Pike’s Peak–on the cover. Where the 1941 menu had a lengthy description of the cover scene, and the 1956 menu had a brief description, this one has none at all.

Click image to download a 2.1-MB PDF of this menu.

Inside, the table d’hôte menu offers just three entrées–trout; fried chicken; and pork chops–with soup; salad; hashed browned potatoes; green beans; rolls; one of four desserts; and a beverage. The menu also features a “Prospector Plate Dinner” (suggesting this was used on the Prospector train) of a salisbury steak; mashed potatoes; salad; rolls; beverage; and choice of one dessert (which, curiously, is not one of the ones on the table d’hôte menu). The Prospector dinner was $2.85 (about $20 today), while the others were $3.35 to $3.50 (about $24 today).

The a la carte side also has just three entrées: ham and eggs; fried chicken (the only one to also appear on the table d’hôte side); and omelette with chicken livers. Diners could also choose from four sandwiches: hamburger; Denver; cheese; and ham. The hamburger was $1.25 (about $9 today). The table d’hôte chicken was just 85 cents more than the a la carte, yet it came with extras costing as much as $1.85 if ordered individually.


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