1946 Super Chief Menus

Here, courtesy of the New York Public Library, are two dinner menus from the Super Chief. Both are dated June 11 (and the library helpfully added that they were from 1946), but they have different offerings.

Click image to download a 745-KB PDF of this menu.

The first menu has broiled salmon; omelette with blueberries; lamb chop; chicken breast; and prime beef ribs on the a la carte side, with the salmon; chicken; and beef also appearing on the table d’hôte side. The second menu has whitefish; omelette with stewed tomatoes; braised beef; grilled ham & calf’s sweetbreads; and roast turkey a la carte, with the fish, ham, and turkey also appearing on the table d’hôte side.

Click image to download a 700-KB PDF of this menu.

Table d’hôte meals come with an appetizer; potatoes (mashed, not whipped, at least on one menu); vegetable; salad; dinner rolls; dessert; and coffee. That all comes for $1.75 (about $21 today), or about 80 cents more than most of the same entrées if ordered a la carte. One of the appetizers is “Spanish olives stuffed with olives.” I wonder what that was like.


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