1963 Santa Fe Dinner Menu

Today’s menu features Autumn Aspens, a painting by Fremont Ellis (misspelled Freemont on the menu cover). Born and raised in Montana, Ellis became a self-taught painter and photographer who was eventually settled in Santa Fe. He would photograph scenes and then paint them, adding color from memory, often varying the season.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

This dinner menu offers customers three different kinds of meals. On the a la carte side are three sandwiches, five salads, and Boston baked beans. The other side offers five entrées with beverage, bread, whipped potatoes, and either peas or a chef’s salad. If you want both the salad and peas plus a dessert, there is a “Dining Club Special” that offers three entrées, two of which are among the less-deluxe entrées.

For example, the Southern fried chicken with whipped potatoes and peas is $2.65 (about $20 today). For an extra 35 cents (under $3 today) you also get chef’s salad and dessert–a good deal as they are worth as much as $1.10 on the a la carte side. Not quite so good is the halibut steak, which is $2.40 in the less-elaborate version but still $3.00 as a club special. The third club special, “braised choice steer beef,” is even less attractive as it suggests a low-quality cut of meat.

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