Centennial Lunch Menu

Here’s a City of Los Angeles lunch menu featuring the Howard Fogg portrait of a domeliner. Judging from the vegetation in the picture, which looks like Joshua Tree National Monument, the train was probably the City of Los Angeles.

Click image to download a 3.5-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu features five “luncheon suggestions” including fried shrimp; roast turkey; salisbury steak; club sandwich; and chef’s salad, ranging in price from $2.35 to $2.70 (about $15 to $17 today). The a la carte menu includes some of the items that were on yesterday’s breakfast menu, including lamb chops (at $3.50, or $22 in today’s money, the most expensive thing on the menu); grilled fish; and brook trout; plus at least seven sandwiches and a cold salmon plate.

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