The 1956 Texas Zephyr

When the Burlington replaced the original Denver Zephyr with the vista-dome version, it transferred the old Denver Zephyr train to the Texas Zephyr route. The 1936 DZ was actually older than the 2937 TZ coaches and 2940 observation car, but the Denver train included streamlined sleeping cars in place of the heavyweights the Texas train had been using.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

The above postcard claims to show the new Texas Zephyr, but it is actually the same photo that Burlington had used to advertise the post-war, pre-vista-dome Denver Zephyr. Although the postcard below is black-and-white, some Burlington Denver Zephyr postcards were sepia-toned, just like the above Texas Zephyr card.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

The Burlington continued to use the former Denver Zephyr on the Texas route until January 1965, when it replaced them with–surprise–the newer, original Texas Zephyr train, only now with stainless-steel, streamlined sleeping cars.

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