The Post-War Denver Zephyr

I’ve previously presented brochures for two incarnations of the Denver Zephyr: the 1936 articulated train pulled by shovel-nosed Diesels and the 1956 domeliner pulled by E-8 or E-9 locomotives. This flyer presents a transition stage: the 1936 train but with E-8 locomotives instead of the shovel-nose locomotives that came with the 1936 train.

Notice that this flyer advertises that the articulated train provides “smoother riding”–a claim quickly dropped when the 1956 vista-dome Denver Zephyr had no articulated cars. Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this two-page flyer.

Curiously, the back of this brochure was printed upside down relative to the front. To save readers time in flipping pages, the PDF shows both sides upside up.

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