Great Northern’s Greatest Train

The 1947 Empire Builder was Great Northern’s greatest train (at least, up until 1951, when the railroad replaced the train with an entirely new train). Many illustrations advertising the 1947 train showed five locomotives representing the five complete train sets that the railroad needed to protect the 45-hour Chicago-Seattle schedule.

Click image to download a 12.3-MB PDF of this 24-page brochure.

Unfortunately, I don’t have this colorful brochure in my collection; instead, I took the liberty of assembling it from scans of the pages posted by Great Northern rail fan Lindsay Korst. Lindsay’s scans are not as high resolution as mine but are still quite readable.

Click to download a 3.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

Lindsay’s brochure, which has a print date of May 1949, is a larger version of the above booklet that I previously posted here. Both present the same blueprint-style cutaway drawings of each car on the train, but Lindsay’s brochure also has four-color illustrations, such as the one below, showing train interiors and sights along the way, along with lengthier descriptions of on-board services.

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