Here You Are Westbound in 1950

The 1950 version of the westbound here-you-are brochure is superficially the same as the 1949 brochure, but in fact the text and graphics have been almost completely redone.


Click image to download a PDF of this four-page brochure.

The GN must have added some time to the train’s schedule in Montana. Both brochures have the train stopping in Glascow, Montana at 9:10 am. The 1949 brochure says the train will arrive in Shelby shortly after noon. But in 1950, the train only makes it to Havre, 100 miles east of Shelby, shortly after noon. Yet both trains reach East Glacier at about 4 pm. Perhaps the schedule change is what prompted the rewrite of the text.

This ad for Timken roller bearings shows the westbound Empire Builder somewhere in Washington state, west of Stevens Pass. The photo doesn’t look like it was taken by Hedrich-Blessing, so Timken itself must have commissioned the portrait. Click image for a larger view of the ad; click here for an even larger (3.1-MB) view of the photo itself. The ad was actually outdated when it ran in 1954 as the train in the photo had been replaced in 1951 by the Mid-Century Empire Builder.

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