The Chuck Wagon

The Chuck Wagon room was the Denver Zephyr‘s equivalent to the California Zephyr‘s Cable Car Room. Like the Empire Builder‘s Ranch Car, the Chuck Wagon was decorated to look like the dining hall of a dude ranch, though it probably wasn’t as successful as the Ranch Car. Each car had large murals of old West scenes painted by Mary Lawser.

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

Here’s a 1970 breakfast menu from the Chuck Wagon. It was printed on very nice paper and the prices aren’t much more than a 1950 menu, which makes sense as inflation had made a 1950 dollar worth about $1.60 in 1970.

Click image to download a PDF of this menu.

This menu, also from 1970, is designed so that the beverage part folds over the right side of the menu. The part of the back that folds over has some chuck-wagon type designs. The rest of the back is devoted to a lengthy description of chuck wagons from a book co-authored by Dee Brown, who wrote more than two dozen books about the West including one about the Union Pacific Railroad.

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