Eating in the Cable Car Room

I have two menus from the Cable Car Room, both dated 1969. One dated June includes four simple meals: beef stew; baked ham; turkey sandwich; and a fruit plate, each accompanied by a salad, bread (potato in the case of the sandwich), beverage, and dessert. The a la carte side includes two soups, eight sandwiches, four salads, and seven desserts. The menu also offers several beverages, candy bars, cigars and cigarettes (where allowed by law), and souvenir playing cards.

Click image to download a PDF of the June 1969 menu. Click here to download a PDF of the October 1969 menu.

My other menu dates from October and at first glance appears to offer many more items. In fact, almost all are beverages. The menu lists only two sandwiches–ham or American cheese–and a few snacks, but no salads or table d’hôte meals. October, of course, would be the beginning of a slow season.

A photo of the Cable Car Room taken in 1968 by Steve Brown shows substantially the same appearance as in yesterday’s 1962 brochure.

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