Great Dome Posters

Here are a couple of posters using Hedrich photographs, one of which we’ve already seen on a postcard. I’m not certain whether these posters were distributed to members of the public, Great Northern customers, or just used in GN offices and train stations, but there is at least one more in the series featuring a GN freight train.

Each poster is about 14 inches by 17.5 inches and includes a white border around the 11″x14″ image. Click the images to download a full-sized image (at 300 dpi).

Ironically, in view of my criticism of Leslie Ragan’s painting, the green paint on the train in the Springtime photo looks much brighter than normal. Is this due to changes in paint or simply that the person who developed the photo choose an unrealistic filter to make the green lighter? I suspect the latter.


Great Dome Posters — 2 Comments

  1. My father, Ernest Heppell, assisted K. A. Hedrich in taking the photo along Puget Sound. My father Ernest Heppell (General Foreman of Cascade Division) and his boss Adolph Holmes (Roadmaster) are the two people pictured in the small boat – my father is waving. In appreciation K.A. Hedrich sent the following letter to my father (I have the original letter, plus the pictures mentioned, which are b&w poster size framed – only the picture with no other graphics or writing)… “October 14, 1947 Dear Heppell. I will always remember the many kindnesses and courtesies you extended us recently photographing in the Seattle territory, everything was greatly appreciated. I am forwarding to you under separate cover prints of the various photographs taken and hope you like them. Sincerely, Signed/K. A. Hedrich.”

  2. What a wonderful story.
    I was thrilled to come upon this post.

    I have a “Full-size color poster with your father in the boat waving.
    It measures 37″ x 31” with word graphics.
    Frame and backing show the age perfect.

    It is framed and in 95% condition.
    I am getting quotes for restoration out of Seattle.
    Then it will be up for sale on E-Bay.

    I would love to send pics to our site but am not sure how to do it.
    I see no way to insert an image….?

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