Great Dome Postcards

The Great Northern relied on Hedrich-Blessing, a Chicago company specializing in architectural photography, to provide many photographs of its trains. Click any image to download a PDF of the postcard.

The eastbound Empire Builder is currently heading north along Washington’s Puget Sound to Everett, where it will turn east and head into the Cascade Mountains. Since it traverses those mountains at night, the Great Northern issued few postcards of the train in the Cascades. This is an official GN postcard and says, “Color photo by Hedrich.”

The next day, the Empire Builder crosses the summit of the Rocky Mountains on the edge of Glacier National Park. This is also a GN postcard.

A few minutes later, the train winds its way down the hill to East Glacier. This does not appear to be an official GN postcard, as it only says, “Great Northern Railway photo” and was published by a different company than the other two cards.

This is my favorite photo of the Empire Builder, and the photo could not be reproduced today as the line has been rerouted straight on the left instead of curving to the right. This and another reroute just to the east of this one have left two gaps between the railroad and the national park boundary that can be seen on maps of the park.

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